Coldwell Banker Community Realtors


Rental Process

Finding a new home or rental can be intimidating. Working with one of our agents to guide you through the process will help it feel manageable.

Review disclosures and documents with your agent
Make sure you understand what fees to expect when applying for rentals.

The Property Search 
View listings online or enlist the help of your agent to find something that fits your needs. 

Complete a rental application
Be prepared to fill out an application for any property you are interested in. This typically requires rental and employment history. 

Credit or background check
This will typically be initiated by the landlord or property manager, and will come with a one-time fee.

Determine if you need a co-signer
You may need someone with good credit to co-sign your lease to ensure the landlord that your rent will be paid.

Sign the lease!
Congratulations, you found a place to call home! At this time, you may be required to pay deposits, such as security and the first and/or last month of rent. See details per property.

Set up Utilities

Make sure you know what is included in rent and what you need to arrange on your own.

Don’t forget to pay the rent!
Enjoy your new home!